Annual Expenses: $16.4k

Sunday, 30 June 2019

My Fixed Expenses

Welcome, listeners of Explore FI Canada!

I'm flattered you're here, especially if you've come from my new podcast project, Explore FI Canada (with Chrissy and Money Mechanic). If you've heard about my low living expenses, scroll all the way down to see the daily/monthly breakdown of my fixed expenses.

If there is one thing I'm certain of, it's that I have one of the lowest FIRE numbers in Canada. Period. I spend under $20k/year to live! If I am that certain that my expenses are so low in comparison to the average Canadian, than I am that certain that I can accurately show you how I spend my money and what we both value doesn't come at a high cost that forces everyone else to work until 40, 50, 60, 70+. 

Before you get skeptical, keep in mind I'm writing as a taxpayer, a homeowner, a husband, a father, a driver and everything else you and I have come to enjoy living a luxurious middle-class life - a.k.a. the Canadian Dream. I'm just like you.

So on second thought, I'm going to take the blog in a direction where the cheapest Canadian products can easily be found and your spending habits can be checked against mine

You know how you can check IMDB for actors, directors, etc? Why isn't there anything like that for Canadian expenses? Why don't you check my site for the $34 internet package I use? Or the $2800 in property taxes I pay? How do I buy phones and what plan do I use to lower my expenses and ultimately my FIRE number? We will both get different value from different products so I'll be sure to include multiple options.

Also, don't forget that I'm only one third of Explore FI Canada podcast. Please show love to my fellow co-hosts and bloggers: Chrissy at and Money Mechanic at

Chat soon,

Ryan Myricks

The Fixed Expenses
(costs are calculated daily, monthly expenses are shown in brackets)

 Total: $45.63/day ($1388.04)       Annual: $16,665.48

  • Kitchener Detached 1200sqft: $22.13 ($673.5)
    • Kitchener Property Taxes: $7.69 (233.90)
    • Kitchener Utilities (all 3): $6.55 (199.22)
    • RBC Mortgage Interest: $4.41 (134.33)
    • The Cooperators Insurance: $2.05 (62.55)
    • Fido Internet: $1.20 (36.72)
    • Water Softener Salt: $0.22 (6.78)
  • Food: $13.08 ($397.85)
    • First Adult: $6 (182.5)
    • Second Adult: $6 (182.5)
    • Child: $1.08 (32.85)
  • 2012 Toyota Corolla: $7.06 ($214.75)
    • Fuel Costs: $3.56 (108.28)
    • Insurance: $2.93 (89.12)
    • Maintenance: $0.56 (17.03)
    • Licence Plate Sticker: $0.32 (10)
  • Public Mobile: $1.59 (48.59)
    • First Plan: $0.74 (22.6)
    • Second Plan: $0.85 (25.99)
    • Misc: $0.90 (27.5)
      • Spotify Music Streaming: $0.49 (15)
      • Professional Certificate Fee: $0.41 (12.5)
      • Hygiene: $TBD 
      • Child: $0.85 (25.85)
        • Huggies Diapers & Wipes: $0.85 (25.85)
        • Childcare: $0 - At 13 months old, not yet an option. However, the goal is to become a stay-at-home Dad and keep this expense short lived or avoid it altogether. 
      • Banking: $0 / Day
        • Tangerine Chequing: no fees
        • EQ Bank Savings: no fees
        • Rogers Elite Mastercard: no fees
        • Questrade LIRA: no fees
        • Questrade RRSP: no fees
        • Questrade TFSA: no fees
        • Questrade Taxable Account: no fees