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Your Road to FIRE Doesn't Need an SUV

Back in my day, SUV's were stupid! Photo by  Nico  on  Unsplash I've made it a daily habit to cruise across the Canadian landscape of FIRE communities that have popped up here and there. Canadian's pursuing FIRE is not new but the community is emerging, ideas are flowing and I'd like to keep my finger on the pulse of the movement. Having a blog and podcast of my own means I should be somewhat up-to-date with the community across the nation and in my local area. So while hitting up my favourite bookmarks, I happened upon a thread of discussion that caught my eye.

The Best Chequing Account in Canada

We the community use Tangerine Bank. Let me tell you why: Photo by  Sharon McCutcheon  on  Unsplash Last updated: 1 AUG 2019 ** My referral code is at the bottom of the page. Please consider using it to help support my blog and my mission ** You'll get $50 cash! Here's a list of why the Tangerine Chequing Account is the preferred option for Canadians seeking FIRE. FYI - I'm not paid by Tangerine Bank, I'm just intentional about my spending and finding the best value ultimately serves my goal to Retire Early.