Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Mental Liberation

A Facebook post from a while back

by nikko macaspac on Unsplash
I think one of the most fascinating things about FIRE is the mental liberation. I have deliberately uncluttered my life. By DIY'ing my investments to cutting the cable to cooking batch meals at home, I have become a much more patient person because in stead of "outsourcing" all of these decisions, I or my spouse generally do it all now.

So when I DO outsource something, like switching out my winter tires at Canadian Tire, I'm much more relaxed about the outing. I got lots of time now that I can do most things myself! So the clerk at Canadian Tire called me yesterday to tell me they made a mistake. 1 of the 4 winter tires they put in my trunk didn't actually belong to me.

"No problem, I'll be able to come by tomorrow between 3-4pm." I honestly don't think I would've been so kind a few years ago. I'm not saying I would've thrown a fit but I was much more stressed then because I didn't have control over my life (although I would've thought so at the time). So I would've been cold/rude because I had dinner to pick up, work to think about, friends to meet and shows to watch.

Long story short, I went in with the wrong tire and walked out with a free $25 gift card and the correct tire. Even better was what the clerk told me: "The other guy really freaked out on us. Thanks for being so calm about it." So I made my self happier by taking control of my life and then I made the clerk happier because it rubbed off. A few years ago, there would have been 3 unhappy people. Now there's only 1.

I'm not at FIRE yet. But by taking the journey and controlling my spending (both money AND time) has certainly made me happier.

Feel free to comment below with your own experiences.

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