Monday, 7 October 2019

How's the Challenge So Far?

So far so good, Captain.
On the ChooseFI Canada Facebook Group, there's a frequent poster named Carol. I've had the pleasure of meeting Carol at a local ChooseFI Toronto Meet Up that I organised a few months back and she's as wonderful IRL as she is online. The FIRE community is easily one of the happiest and friendliest places I have ever stumbled into and I'm glad I've put myself out there to meet people. That's not so easy for us Millennials!

I posted on the weekly "What did you do to make your life better?" thread about my October Challenge relieving stress and Carol responded with this:
"What alignment when a huge boost in productivity simultaneously relieves stress!"

Damn right! Just like working out improves my mood so does blogging. Putting myself through an exercise whether it be mental or physical has always worked for me and improving my productivity is truly a cherry on top. By adding more to my regular day, I've improved my quality of life and actually get MORE things done throughout the day then I did before.

Like I said before, this has always worked for me. I believe you should do everything in moderation which is why the October Challenge is sticking to just one month. Afterwards, there will likely be a November Challenge of some sorts, be it blogging, podcasting, exercising, eating, reading, etc.

This is a pretty short one, but wanted to give a special shout out to my FI-friend Carol who inspired this post and to leave you all with a positive, happy and healthy Ryan who is gonna keep on puttin' out posts, day after day until October is done.

Thanks for reading =]

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