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Criticisms of ChooseFI

Old logo depicting their original intention Having gone back and listened to ChooseFI from the beginning (I originally subscribed episode 90, on veganism) I have seen quite an interesting trajectory of how ChooseFI has branded the FIRE movement. Originally, they were to experiment in 'FI', presumably to try out different tactics and report back with the data + results. This actually sounds really interesting - wouldn't it be neat to see a before and after of somebody's finances after driving for Uber in the evenings for a month? Or what about batch cooking breakfast for the next two weeks and looking at the physical and financial results then? Put into an audio format under the lens of FIRE and you have yourself a really neat podcast. The Good Episodes As I'm sure you all know, this concept never materialised for the most part. The most we ever saw from this line of thinking was 'Travel Rewards', 'Skinny Waist Fat Wallet', 'The True Cost of Car