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The Anti-Budget is on FIRE!

Photo by  Ashraf Ali  on  Unsplash While budgets aren't evil per se, there's something soul-sucking about numbers on a spreadsheet or cash divided into many jars/envelopes that you're supposed to follow without fail. Because when you do eventually fail, the whole system comes crashing down because, ironically, you didn't budget for budget failures. Now you need to take money from elsewhere, you end up with a deficit, your mind starts to race, sweat is dripping down your chin and before you know it you've blown your remaining $2 coffee budget on a $4 Iced Capp from Tim's because fuck it, the budget was fucking doomed anyways. Introducing: the Anti-Budget for FIREwalkers Instead of separating purchases into categories (such as housing or dining out), then allocating cash limits to each category and then never screwing that up, pool all available cash into one account . It goes like this: Get paid from employer Save 50% of that income  Pay/anticipate all upcoming f

The Best Savings Account in Canada

We the FIRE community have embraced EQ Bank as one of the best financial institutions aligned with our movement. Financial optimization is one of the cornerstone values of a FIREwalker and today I'd like to sell you on EQ Bank and why everybody around you is choosing them too. ** I've included an affiliate link with this review just above and at the bottom. If you sign up with my link, you'll score us both $20. That'll help my blog and my mission , so thank you :) ** They have no fees - Like all good bank accounts in Canada (few as they are), no fees for an efficient Canadian is imperative. No minimums, no account fees, free bill payments, unlimited transfers, free to open/close, all that good stuff. If you bounce a payment or need to convert CAD to USD or whatever, you can expect the regular fees but FIREwalkers are efficient in those places too. Yes, you can have a Joint Account  - It's no problem to sign up for an account now and add your spouse later if you so

Not Much Will Change After Covid-19

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash If you're party to the collective stupidity that is "We'll all be so different after Covid-19! Just look at how much life has transformed now!" then you're probably falling for the headlines touting a extreme silliness that This Time is Different, a tried and true click bait title that sucks in readers like a lamp to a fly . This time is not different. Certain things will fall the way of the dinosaurs (such as handshaking or packed elevators) and its likely more employees will be offered or negotiate their way to work-from-home packages with their employers but modern consumer culture has not been set back even a step. The cash-dripping leveraged consumer donkey has been spending loads of cash on home renovations and brand new cooking disasters (and subsequently Uber Eats when their own cooking fails them). Spending has not gone down, just certain categories have fallen off but others have more than happily taken its place. Before

Entitlement, Privilege & FIRE

Photo by  Joël de Vriend  on  Unsplash I do my best when writing this blog to stay away from the topics of sex, politics and religion. Why? Not only are they entirely useless subjects to the FIRE movement but also because I think knowing about my opinion of such topics is bound to change your perception of the content I create. It's kind of like enjoying the music of Kanye West and then finding out his personal life is super embarrassing. Can you still like his music? Sure.. but you'll hear it differently and appreciate it more or less depending on who you are. ** So, a warning: I might be hitting a bit close to politics on today's read. If that bothers you, skip this one. Also, please keep in mind this was written before the murder for George Floyd and the justifiable outrage across the globe. This article didn't touch on police brutality before and it won't know because it's not the blog to cover this. ** It seems that I've stumbled upon a section of the F

My Blog and My Mission

Photo by  Ben White  on  Unsplash I guess this could've been one of my very first posts... or at least should've been. Most popular bloggers out there have some sort of statement embedded into their articles or at least a page linking to a statement about how they will be honest about making money, not sell your email and all that crap. That sounds like a good idea because I do have things to sell you on this blog. In fact, every article that comes out is attempting to sell you something, whether it's my philosophy or my product reviews (and sometimes those have referral codes). I'm not going to apologize for that, I think by spreading my truth about FIRE I get to better learn about myself and potentially make a profit from it as a result for my readers following along. Those are selfish goals but hey, what else is the point of blogging? So here goes, whenever I say "You'll be supporting my blog and my mission" what I mean is this: You're going to furt

Disappearing Comments!?

Hey everyone, quick blog update for some of you affected by this glitch. A few of you have messaged/emailed me being unable to comment on this site. You'd type in all the information needed, your thoughtful comment, hit submit and then... poof, it's gone. So what the hell, right? As it turns out, my cheap hosting is to blame. More specifically, Blogger (which is owned by Google) is the platform to blame. Maybe back when blogs were emerging as useful websites Blogger was a quality candidate but that's not really the case anymore. Besides being an outdated platform with several deficiencies built in, it also comes with an awkward side effect that nobody using iOS devices   can comment! So that's the biggest problem yet I've had with Blogger. I'm very sorry about people spending time and effort into communicating with me only to find that block of text disappear. Sorry everybody :( At this point I will tell you that Blogger is perhaps the cheapest hosting out there

Why I'm Switching to Wealthsimple Trade

Wealthsimple Trade Promo Shot Being the savvy FIREwalker that I am means having my ear to the wall of any new fee structure the Canadian financial institutions of all sizes decide to ruin my day with. Whether its minimum annual spending increases on credit cards ( looking at you Rogers Mastercard ) or multi-product rebates becoming increasingly complicated ( cut the crap RBC ), it's quite annoying that the Canadian banking system makes regular and consistent increases to fees and commitments needed by us, their customers. One overriding truth remains however - regardless of the bank, the higher the cost of the financial account, typically the better service you're going to get. As an example, since 2012 I've had almost all my financial products with RBC, save for a PC Mastercard. The ecosystem RBC provides is moderately expensive, mostly issue-free, and damn did they offer fantastic customer service. PC Mastercard on the other hand offers plenty of fraud on their credit car