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Disappearing Comments!?

Hey everyone, quick blog update for some of you affected by this glitch.

A few of you have messaged/emailed me being unable to comment on this site. You'd type in all the information needed, your thoughtful comment, hit submit and then... poof, it's gone.

So what the hell, right?

As it turns out, my cheap hosting is to blame. More specifically, Blogger (which is owned by Google) is the platform to blame. Maybe back when blogs were emerging as useful websites Blogger was a quality candidate but that's not really the case anymore.

Besides being an outdated platform with several deficiencies built in, it also comes with an awkward side effect that nobody using iOS devices can comment!

So that's the biggest problem yet I've had with Blogger. I'm very sorry about people spending time and effort into communicating with me only to find that block of text disappear. Sorry everybody :(

At this point I will tell you that Blogger is perhaps the cheapest hosting out there, because it's free. It's the only hosting service that I know of that will let you have your own domain name and not charge you hosting (otherwise it would be That's why I've continued to use this platform even though it's kinda ugly and a pain in the butt to format. 

Since this blog has grown in readership and in profitability, I'm going to move things over to another host soon and pony up the cash to get a more proper looking website with actual design elements and everything to make it look a bit more fancy. This will come in time since I'll have to convince my wife :D

When the transition does happen, I'll still be keeping the website ad-free. So no worries on that front. 

Thanks for hanging in there if you've tried to comment but can't. Please keep in mind I'd be more than glad to answer your emails. 

Ryan Myricks

You can email me here:


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