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My Blog and My Mission

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash
I guess this could've been one of my very first posts... or at least should've been.

Most popular bloggers out there have some sort of statement embedded into their articles or at least a page linking to a statement about how they will be honest about making money, not sell your email and all that crap.

That sounds like a good idea because I do have things to sell you on this blog. In fact, every article that comes out is attempting to sell you something, whether it's my philosophy or my product reviews (and sometimes those have referral codes). I'm not going to apologize for that, I think by spreading my truth about FIRE I get to better learn about myself and potentially make a profit from it as a result for my readers following along. Those are selfish goals but hey, what else is the point of blogging?

So here goes, whenever I say "You'll be supporting my blog and my mission" what I mean is this:
  • You're going to further my goal of achieving FIRE by indirectly paying me money. 
    • So far, I've earned referrals from Public Mobile, EQ Bank and Tangerine. Thanks everyone!
  • Since I like being paid, I will often double-down on the articles that are working and focus less on ones that aren't as helpful. This means updates and additional articles on the stuff you guys like to read and click on.
  • My mission from the get-go has been to better my own understanding of personal finance and the FIRE movement in Canada. As I lean closer and closer to Grand-Master Sensei of Canada's FIRE scene, I'll be of even more use to readers through emails and actual people through meet-ups.
  • Once I reach FIRE, I'm not really interested in collecting more money. Neither is my wife. We've decided that hoarding more money than we need is entirely pointless so we will be giving back to the community in some way, such as more luxurious meet-ups or website enhancements or charity, that sort of thing. Since we're still on the path to FIRE, we're banking as much profit as possible while still investing in the future of this blog. Hope that's still cool!
That's pretty much it. I promise never to dupe you all into reading sponsored posts or hidden marketing schemes or any of that nonsense. Instead, I'll just keep the blog ad-free, sponsor-free and bullshit-free for now and I'll let you guys know otherwise if there's a sensible reason to profit from marketing propaganda.

To be honest, I'd be surprised if I ever get offered a sponsorship of any kind since I like to swear and speak my mind on this blog. I'd rather build a dedicated community around product reviews and like-minded philosophy. Hope you all stick around.

Ryan Myricks

You can email me here:


  1. One thing that is kinda annoying with some FIRE blogs is the contant sales pitch ( our book.., pay for us to meet you in some exotic our movie, click on our sponsors link etc.) Its good that youre trying to be different.

    1. Hah no kidding. I definitely include affiliates to the products I use and review yet that's just kind of bonus stuff.

      I think the standard narrative for many content producers today is that every single piece of content has to be monetized or else what's the point. I disagree, I think there are times to ask/sell stuff for money and there are times when I just want a conversation.


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