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The Fallout of my FIRE & The End (revised)

Step back, this blog is about to be blown up! Okay, not just yet but you should be a safe distance when it does. If you've liked what I've written here so far, I regret to inform you that this will be my last post. More on that halfway down. Like my Vortex of FIRE post, I'm revisiting a past article and rewriting it from scratch to remove my previous podcaster bias. Since it's my last article, I'm intrigued to see what I come up with. The 3rd and final ending to the Requirements of FIRE: Before we get onto the main entrée that is this blog keeling over and dying, let's first examine one last bit of misconception in the FIRE movement. This little paragraph or two was inspired by friend of the now-deceased blog. Her name is Maria over at Handful of Thoughts , and she owns 3 cars and wants you to know that while it might not be very "FI"of her, she essentially says you can fuck right off. I enjoyed the aggression in the article and wanted to add a point

The Vortex of FIRE Information (here we go again)

Card art from Yu-Gi-Oh! by Konami A while back I posted an article by the same name as this one highlighting several of my favourite bloggers and podcasters in the FIRE scene. I have since taken it down and rebuilding the thought from scratch.  The original intention was to highlight the vast see of garbage "FIRE" content plaguing the movement and turn the readers focus away from the onslaught of blogs and instead read only a select few that I recommended. I failed the readers with this attempt of an article because I wanted to include the up and coming blogs and podcasts that I thought had merit (or were closely affiliated with - shameful), thereby instead of thinning the herd as I intended, I created a fat list of bland FIRE content that served nobody.  Whoops. This was made more apparent as the blogs and podcasts I recommended went inactive (or barely active) and the content creators that hung around stopped actually making FIRE content and instead served up bland-ass pers