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Crocodile Tears


“I say bless the worried, treasure all the hurting

It better be a finer morning, God I need a higher calling

I know apologies won't get the best of me

I'm talking about a fine morning, reaching for a higher calling”

- Lyrics from the song “Crocodile Tears” by BUNT. feat Jens Hult

This is the last post I’ll be making on Canadian FIRE.

All new entries will be on Lifestyle Optimization, found here. The reasons for the switch are outlined in Part 1 of these two articles. Part 1 was in bullet points but Part 2 is in paragraph form. I don’t why I wrote it this way but I did. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You might expect me to launch into an apology for ending this blog, or the inconvenience of re-subscribing to a new website, or to highlight the regrets I’ve made on this blog. But this is not “The Fallout of My FIRE” aka the first time I ended this blog on an emotional note - this post has no regrets and no remorse - hence the title.

As highlighted in Part 1, the time to change my study from exclusively FIRE to other lifestyle optimizations has come. Rather than create one thought-specific blog at a time or cut off my FIRE completely, I’ve decided to simply merge all thoughts together as

What’s with the .org? Isn’t that charity status?

.org domains were originally intended for organizations that are typically non-profit such as some charities and lobby groups. Today, no such paperwork or requirements exist. Hence why I can have a .org blog.

However, for the sake of my own learning and in keeping with the .org tradition, the new blog going forward will be nonprofit. There will be no more affiliate codes. I’ve made quite a bit of dough from Canadian FIRE (depending on who you ask), which is neat, but it’s pretty small in terms of my own net worth.

I’m not interested in acquiring a big audience to leverage economy of scale with catchy search terms and bland, please-all articles. I’d rather find the truth than find popularity.

The blog will now truly be a diary.

By relinquishing my desire to earn profit from Lifestyle Optimization, I’m also keeping the blog on my own terms. That’s how a diary should operate. What kind of diary makes money? What kind of diary has notes and comments scribbled on by other people? What kind of diary is written for somebody else? It would defeat the purpose of the self-study journey I’m embarking on.

I’ll still switch between the first and third person because sometimes I like to write as if I have an audience. Makes for a more entertaining narrative sometimes. But truth be told I don’t have a large audience (depending on who you ask), expect a large audience nor do I want one. 

Plus, and perhaps this is telling, but I like to read my own work from time to time. Sometimes I forget what I’ve written and other times I just remember enjoying a certain line of thinking that I thought I translated well into a post. I don’t know if that’s normal for other bloggers too or if it’s my ego. Who knows?

No more comments or email

One of the major repercussions of this diary status however is my decision to disable comments permanently. Every blogger will tell you that’s a death sentence - if people can’t communicate with your content then your readership has a low ceiling. Whether or not that’s true (and I don’t believe it to be), it’s irrelevant to my new blog's mission (below) or to my feelings.

I’ll also be deleting the canadianfire1@gmail account. Again, I don’t want people contacting me with comments or questions. Nearly all of my communication with readers has been positive but if I’m being honest it's more time consuming than it is fulfilling. I’ll take this time now to thank anybody who has emailed me with nice words or questions. It’s been a pleasure, but no longer. I hope you’ll respect that. You’ll learn more about this as I dive into digital minimalism.

I’ll still know if people like my content by the very basis of how many page views I get. I can see how many people click on my shit. Less people showing up = less popular content. Since my new blog is non-profit and a workbook for my understanding of the world, I’m not concerned about a decline in numbers. I’m not trying to be popular.

However, I’m also not trying to hide from critique, although I seldom get it as much as I believe I deserve it. People are so polite. I’ll write more about this in the future as I get into cancel culture.

** I’ll still be posting weekly articles from Lifestyle Optimization onto the ChooseFI Canada FaceBook group. I enjoy the community and don’t see the comments there as a hindrance **

How will you pay for the expensive costs of hosting a blog? Not ads!? PLEASE, NOT THE ADS!?!?

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know I have a bug up my ass about any type of advertising. I couldn’t even keep the sarcasm out of the subheading. 

So of course, the next blog will continue to be ad-free as well.

The domain name was registered through Google Domains to the tune of $17/year. This will be the annual cost of Lifestyle Optimization. I believe I’ll somehow be able to manage the payments without third party revenue (such as ads and sponsored posts), affiliates, or donations.

The hosting will also be provided by Google, using their platform Blogger, same as this blog. The monthly cost of hosting is free when you keep it inside Google’s house. Perfect for my purposes. 

The email list is also run by (you'll never guess) my best friend, Google. I only recently found out that I can actually see that list but never worry, I don't sell your email or do anything crazy. Subscribers simply get the post in email format instead of clicking on my site. Simple is best.

Product Reviews are here to stay

Stuff like Public Mobile and Wealthsimple Trade, among others I’ve neglected to write about will still be posted, albeit without affiliate codes. Recently, I’ve been on a tear with Wealthsimple Trade and we all know my two Public Mobile plans are down to $0/month.

List of problems though:

  1. I've never reviewed anything without an affiliate code. Pretty telling, isn't it? I'd like to think that was by accident but the truth is I have put off things I won't make money from. So a bias exists.
  2. Product reviews on my new blog are designed to help you only. Since my point #1 is the dirty truth, removing affiliate codes means a lot more helpful reviews. Higher quality, too.
  3. If I were to decide between a few thousand bucks or a more helpful site for two years, I'd choose the more helpful site. Why? Because I think better content for you guys is probably worth ten thousand bucks or so. I'd rather create greater wealth for the community than individual wealth for me.
  4. The product reviews going forward are of course for you (and not for my bank account) so I think this $10k goal is realistic and could've been achieved from the start of Canadian FIRE. There's no way to track it but I have been known for my amazing guess work..!
  5. Actually now that I think about it, product reviews can still help me because it will help me iron out what value I get from a product, such as the math and whatnot needed to assess said value.

To me, the most important part of keeping product reviews on my blog is that I cannot fucking stand vague or incomplete advice. Or no practical foundation for readers to build off of.

If I tell you to pay your property taxes with your credit card, it would sure be fucking helpful to tell you which ones can do it, wouldn’t it? Or did you want to endlessly google search for hours? 

Lower your phone bill, eat more veggies, exercise everyday and practice gratitude. No shit Sherlock, so how do I do it?? Blogs should by design explain both why and how, a complete package.

The Finale

Speaking of gratitude, I’m gonna practice some here so feel free to skip. If not, prepare your embarrassment.

Special thanks to my wife who surprised me with a laptop to bring to work so I could write on my breaks. She knows over the past winter that my spirit has been broken and that my writings help me find meaning.

Grateful for my Dad, who reads all my crap and encourages me to write more.

And my internet friends Chrissy and Court, who disagree with so much of what I have to say and yet we’ve remained friends the last few years. You’ve both acted as soundboards for my vision of FIRE content.

With that, I’ll see you all on the other side.

Lifestyle Optimization Blog - Coming April 2021 

Ryan Myricks

Picture: Album cover art for the song Crocodile Tears by BUNT. feat Jens Hult. I’m listening to it right now.

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