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Doomsday Approaches

April 14th. 

This will be the last day this blog survives. will then have to roll up its sleeves and start up the chainsaw. They’ve already sent me the scary emails.. “Where’s ma’ money man? Where you goin’ punk? You have 20 days or else!” will continue to exist in the form of "" - no wonder I bought a custom domain, jeez that's an ugly url. Don’t memorize that url just yet, once I have it finalized I’ll send y'all an update.

So why close down the blog? Is it for good this time?

Okay, I have a lot to say here but honestly it seems like a waste of both of our time if I drone on in paragraph form so here’s a bullet list of the what and why:

  • Canadian FIRE was a great learning experience but I’m moving on from FIRE-only content as most do in the movement. 

  • I’ve learned everything I could up until one day last year when I found myself a student without a teacher. Nobody has anything new or thought provoking to say. In fact, almost all of my learning has come from material that is 5-15 years old. 

  • I still consider myself a student of FIRE (and always will) but having nobody else to learn from means simply moving on with my life. 

  • I used to think that FIRE was the cream of the crop and everything else fell under it. The top of the umbrella so to speak. You need time and money to do what you want, right? So FIRE is the ultimate goal to unlock the other goodies in life.

  • I don’t think like this anymore… Along my journey I have realised that FIRE is not for everybody. Somebody saving a small amount of money can still have an optimal life (with plenty of so-called goodies) because they simply do not have to value financial freedom from a job as we all do. Different philosophies of life, that’s all.

  • So I need a new blog to encompass my new thoughts and remove the inherent FIRE bias I’ve built Canadian FIRE on.

  • Perhaps moving my writing to an entirely new site is overkill (you would say) but I think about it differently. It appears to me as a fresh beginning without old posts of FIRE outweighing the importance of the rest. 

  • I’ve made a list of 7 other topics I’d like to learn and write about (below).

  • This is why I’m ditching “Canadian FIRE.” A financial diary that will share a platform with 7 other lifestyle optimization strategies is going to get in the way and be a tad misleading and confusing for newcomers. It’s important for content creators to be transparent about the direction of their content.

  • You’ve all learned what those other topics are a month or so ago but I’ll repeat the 8 here:

    1. Whole food, plant-based nutrition

    2. Calisthenics

    3. Minimalism

    4. FIRE

    5. Companionship

    6. Parenting

    7. Anti-racism

    8. Atheism

  • I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. For me, these 8 topics always work in unison and create a symphony of sorts. It is difficult - nay - impossible to effectively optimize one without the other. Here are some FIRE-related examples:

    1. Parenting is heavily affected by your ability to manage your time. FIRE unlocks time.

    2. Your spouse has a major impact on your FIRE goal and underlying systems.

    3. You can better understand racism in Canadian society when you consider the racial wealth gap and privilege as a result.

    4. The average person cannot increase the amount of stuff they own while maintaining a superb savings rate.

    5. How are you going to better yourself, your family and your community with your FIRE?

    6. What is the point of aiming for FIRE if you’re willing to put yourself at risk of cardiovascular disease? 

    7. Why lower your quality of life with immobility when you saved so much to have a higher quality of life?

  • It sounds like FIRE has all the answers until you pose more deep existential questions. Because money fixes so many problems in a capitalist society, we are conditioned and expected to pursue the most we can.

  • Money cannot fix all problems and therefore, FIRE is not the champion of all other lifestyle optimizations. Instead, I believe you must blend in others and create a lifestyle pot pie that is going to serve you.

The new blog url:

  • All of this will be born onto my brand spanking new blog: Lifestyle Optimization. 

  • It’s quite a mouthful to say even inside your own head but I can’t figure out a more simple way to say what I mean. Eight syllables will simply have to do.

  • My writing will continue to be a diary. Also, there is a reason I chose “.org” - more on these in Part 2, “Crocodile Tears.”

  • Those 8 thoughts all have incredible amounts of synergy with one another - I think if you give my new blog a chance you’ll see the angle I’m going to go. 

  • Think about the massive disservice the financial services industry has done to optimal ways of thinking about money, the FIRE movement, not to mention the marketing around investing and the taboos of discussing money.

    1. Like every good lie, it starts with a kernel of truth; some financial taboos are in fact good for society, most are not.

  • If you agree with that statement, now imagine all the disservice surrounding nutrition and dieting. Exercising. Parenting. Racism. I mean, holy crap people, the world wide media sells our eyeballs and attention for cash and we’re to believe these journalists have our best interests at heart? They’re in the business of selling content that is true-ish, that’s what makes money! In what world are they not biased to confuse and enrage their audience on an hour to hour basis. Keep ‘em coming back as they say. 

  • All this to say - FIRE content will definitely exist and continue on blog #2. If you’ve liked how I’ve interpreted FIRE for you over the last two years, then I think you’re going to dig my new blog.

  • Philosophy, applicable actions along with product/content reviews will be a part of it - all while staying a diary for me. More on that in Crocodile Tears.

Part 2 can be found here.

Ryan Myricks

Picture: The card “Doomsayer” - Art by Alex Horley for the game Hearthstone*

* Funny thing about this card, in the game when you play the Doomsayer card it shrieks “The end is coming!!” just like you’d picture a shrilly preacher on a street corner in the 1960’s. That’s why I chose it for this blog post. However, the best part is if the Doomsayer survives until the next turn in the game, he shrieks again “I knew it!!” and all the cards on the field proceed to die. It’s uncommon for your opponent to let this happen, they typically remove the threat during their turn but it’s always funny when it happens. Most people throughout history predicting the end of the world (and actually believe it) never actually get to say “I knew it!”

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